About Ultra HR

Say hello to Ultra HR’s team! We put the human back into human resources by investing in our people and yours.

We’re more than just a software company. We have a full team of in-house developers and never outsource our software development. We’re backed by a ticketed service desk with 24/7 support. Our team are fully certified and accredited by some of the biggest software companies on the planet.

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Who we are

Ultra HR powers our entire company, drives our caring culture, and nurtures our people. We’re a leading technology solutions provider with a mission to provide sustainable technology solutions and services with integrity and care. Trading ethically and with empathy is paramount to us.


Why we developed Ultra HR


Remove our reliance on spreadsheets to save us time


Reduce our carbon footprint by creating a paperless HR department


Create a healthy business culture with satisfied employees


Give each department a clear view of their team’s activity


Source the most highly skilled talent & onboard them with a slick welcoming process

richard fountain itvet ceo

From a business perspective, Ultra HR is our greatest asset in unifying colleagues, meeting individual targets, and eliminating all use of paper in HR. It’s been exciting to watch Ultra grow and evolve to what it is today thanks to our dedicated software services team.

Richard Fountain, CEO of ITVET

What we do

Ultra HR’s parent company, ITVET, are a technology solutions company. ITVET provide IT support and services to over 400 clients. They’ve also developed their own service desk software, hotel software, and retail management software solutions.

Our values

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Our environment

We take our commitment to our environment very seriously.

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Circular economy

We believe in striving for a circular economy whenever possible.

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We demonstrate our commitment to giving back through our actions within our community.

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Our people

We put our people first in everything we do. We believe that happy people give their best work.

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Ethics & integrity

Business can be run with much more than just profits at heart.

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